McClain Holdings

700 Lavaca, Suite 1400
Austin TX 78701 United States

Discounted Real Estate Properties In Texas

December 17, 2015
McClain Holdings is a company that offers commercial and residential real estate solutions. It is named for Don McClain, the CEO of the firm. This is not anything like the traditional real estate company and there are a couple of reasons why not. Firstly, McClain Holdings pursues properties themselves—the go out and purchase properties that homeowners need to sell in the very near future. Homeowners who need to sell their properties within days rather than weeks or months are always happy to have McClain Holdings as an outlet and the firm is pleased to be able to help those individuals and families.

McClain Holdings does not represent the homeowner as an agent, they look to buy the property from them outright and then either remodel it or sell it off to a different investor who wants to do the same. Real estate investors and house flippers who are wanting to purchase homes and properties below market value have a great option in McClain Holdings. They are able to purchase all kinds of properties, including both single family and small multi-family homes. Don McClain, CEO of McClain Holdings, has always insisted on offering high quality discounts on properties, ranging from 20% to 50%. They are able to offer such steep discounts because of their proprietary system of marketing which finds leads on homeowners who need to sell properties quickly.